ZKJRT Automatic Band Saw - Tissue Rolls Cutting Machine


Automatic Band Saw Machine

ZKJRT-50 Automatic Band Saw Machine is designed for a uniform cut of tissue paper rolls in the requested sizes. The machine is working with 40 to 50 cuts per minute capacity and cutting paper rolls from 90mm to 250mm.

Tissue Rolls

Band Saw with Automatic Transfer

Toilet Paper Rolls Band Saw

ZKJRT-50 Automatic Band Saw Cutting Machine

Tissue Rolls Band Saw Cutting Machine
Model ZKJRT-50
Product In Rewinded Toilet Roll
Capacity 40-50 cuts/min
*Cutting Length 90-250mm adjustable, tolerance +-1mm
* Sizes other than this must be specified when ordering.
Paper Roll Max. Diameter 250mm
Min. Trim Size 20-25mm
Max. Core Wall Thickness of Paper Log <=2mm
Band Saw Blade Size 3880x50x0,6mm
Paper Feeding Control Servo, PLC, HMI
Grinder Stone Control Auto grinder stone feed, angle of grinder stone is set from HMI touch screen.
Air Pressure 0,5-0,8Mpa
Electric Source 380 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 4,5 KW
Machine Weight 1300kg
Machine Size (Length x Width x Height) 3100x1000x1850mm

* It shows the specifications that are optional or should be specified while ordering.