ZKKDM Edge Slitting Rewinder Machine

Paper Slitting Machine


Paper Edge Slitting Rewinder Machine

ZKKDM Vertical Slitting Machine is applicable to the edge of large roll material slitting, such as printing and packaging plastic membrane type paper, cloth, and all kinds of paper plastic composite materials, coated paper, synthetic leather, etc.

Main Features:
1. Circular knife cutting with high precision, convenient operation and the cutter can be adjusted;
2. The A and B axis have independent winding, convenient handling;
3. Shaft adopts automatic tension control, inflatable shaft, orderly and compact rewinding of finished products;
4. Feeding frame adopts pneumatic automatic lifting function;
5. Automatic discharging device for waste;
6. This machine adopts frequency conversion, microcomputer automatic control, selection of imported photoelectric deviation device, automatic meter, alarm stop, tension digital display and other advanced features.

Model ZKKDM 1100 ZKKDM 1300 ZKKDM 1600
Weight 2800 kg 3000 kg 3300 kg
Machine Size 3800x2500x1800 mm 3800x2800x1800 mm 3800x3100x1800 mm
Width of Slitting 1100 mm 1300 mm 1600 mm
Diameter of Unwinding 1400 mm
Diameter of Rewinding 1000 mm
Width of Rewinding 30 mm
Max. Rolling Diameter 1000 mm
Printing Circumference 180-360mm
Slitting Speed 10-150 m/min
Slitting Accuracy ±0.3 mm
Power 10 KW
Electric 380V/50Hz Tri-Phase
Requirement of Air Pressure Source 5,5kg/cm2x0,5m3/min

ZKKDM Paper Roll Edge Slitting Rewinder

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