Toilet Paper Packing Machine


Fully Servo Automatic Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel Packing Machine

ZM-P1-TK is featured with a high degree of automation and stable operation. It is widely used for packaging of roll/toilet tissues. The capacity of one machine is equal to that of 8~10 workers. It is so easy to operate that a worker can operate the machine independently after 1~2 days training.

1. PLC and servomotor are adopted as controlling and driving units. The whole process, including counting, feeding bags, opening bags, filling bags and sealing is completed automatically.
2. User-friendly interface, touch screen controlling and easy operation.
3. The failure tracking alarm system is reflected on the touch screen that facilitates the reparation process.
4. Roll monitoring system: monitoring bags or film and roll to avoid operation without bags, film or rolls.
5. Speed adjustment transducer.
6. Temperature controlling system.

Automatic Toilet Roll Packing Machine

Servo Full Automatic Kitchen Towel Packing Machine

Toilet Paper Stock Packaging Machine

Fully Servo Automatic Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel Packing Machine

Toilet Paper Packing Machine


ZM-P1-TK Automatic Packing Machine

Main Power

3 phase - 380V, 50/60HZ


15 KW

Air Pressure

5,0~6,0kgf/cm2, air pipe Ф 12mm

Air Flow


Machine Size

L: 5500mm X W: 1900mm X H: 1800mm



Packing Specifications

2 lines 2~10 rolls

Max. Packing Speed

30 bags/min

Operation Speed

20 bags/min

Packable Roll Specification

Roll Diameter: 90~120mm, Roll Height: 90~130mm

Integrated Production Lines - Sample Setting

Toilet Paper Production Kitchen Towel Production