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Paper Converting Machine


Raw Material Supply

Toilet Paper Machine

Fully automatic, non-stop laminated clean-cut toilet paper and laminated kitchen towels manufacturing machine works non-stop (without pauses). Each unit has an independent servo motor control with the minimum error rate due to its simple structure.

Optionally, with double perforated blade shaft, it is quick and easy to switch the perforation size from small-scale toilet paper to large-scale kitchen towels.

Servomotor controls the machine acceleration and stopping of the perforation line gracefully. >>>>

Paper Cup Machine

High Speed Fully Automatic

High-speed automatic paper cup machine is the product of high technology and deep production experience. The machine has ultrasonic adhesive binding system and can produce ice cream cups, yogurt cups, soup cups, coffee cups and many other cups for both cold and hot beverages with single or double PE coated paper cup fan.>>>>

EPS Thermoforming, Pressing and Cutting Machine

High-speed thermoforming, automatic pressing, cutting and stacking line, makes all required procedures automatically for foam plates, foam bowls and/or foam tray production. The machine is manufactured with a high technology and an Italian design. The line is working at its peak efficiency and molds can be used for more than 8 years.

The machine has a full servo system, that controls its sheet feeding and pressing units to achieve high efficiency.>>>>

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