ZM-PS-FC Automatic High Speed EPS Thermoforming, Pressing and Cutting Machine

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Automatic High Speed EPS Thermoforming, Pressing and Cutting Machine

ZM-THRH series high-speed thermo forming machine and ZM-THRP automatic in-line punch press consist of fully automatic forming, punch cutting and automatic stacking that are the new generation developed by us. This line has high efficiency in producing, perfect cutting performance, easy operation, high durability and trouble-free of punching mold (generally more than 8 years).

ZM-PS-FC series high-speed thermoforming and pressing machine has full servo system. The machine's feeding and pressing units are controlled by the servo system, and thus high productivity is ensured. The pressing unit can produce high-quality products with a pressing capacity of 1 press in 2 seconds, and the pressing power of max. 50 tons.

Forming and cutting are done on the same machine, which reduces labor, productivity and production costs. The foam layer is applied to one side of the machine and the end product and the waste foam layer are taken from the other side. Two workers are sufficient for the machine operation.

ZM-THRP series automatic punch press consists of auto sheet feeding, auto position detecting, auto cutting, counting, stacking and auto load out. This machine is fully controlled by a computer and uses servo drive motor with the standard electronic component. It can fully perform automatic cutting with perfect result.

In the manufacture of ZM-PS-FC series of high-speed thermoforming and automatic pressing - cutting and stacking line, the leading international brands' parts are used. Due to the properties listed, it is preferable for manufacturers of foam cups, foam food containers, foam plates, etc.

Note: For other inquiries that are not in the technical specifications table as standard parametric values, please contact us. We can make proper designs for your manufacture of the foam polystyrene food containers or a variety of other products.

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Technical Specifications of Thermoforming Unit

Model ZM-PS-FC-1040

Max. Forming Area

1100x1380 mm2

Max. Forming Depth

100 mm

Mold Clamp Force

15 T

Max. Forming Speed

3-5 s/mold

Heating Power

142 kw

Total Power

204 kw

Total Weight

16 T

Machine Size (L x W x H)

15m x 6m x 2,58m

* Customized production can be done. Please specify your requirements except the ones stated as standard technical parameters, when ordering.

Technical Specifications of Punching Unit


1100 (vertical) Punching Unit

1100 (horizontal) Punching Unit

850 Punching Unit

Max. Effective Cutting Area (mm2)




Max. Cutting Height (mm)




Max. Cutting Pressure (T)




Cutting Efficiency (T/min)




Power (KW)




Weight (T)




Automatic High Speed ​​Thermoforming, Pressing and Cutting Machine

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ZM-PS-FC series high speed thermoforming and pressing machine

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